We are often asked what makes the Phillips Club so great. Well, ask any owner. You’ll hear from business executives, celebrities and retirees, not just vacationers or opera buffs. They will all tell you all about how the amenities, features, cost and value all stack up very favorably against both a hotel or a pied-√†-terre. Many owners like the Phillips Club so much that they purchase multiple shares to provide themselves with even more flexibility. Of course some owners find that due to a needs change they want to sell their share, that’s where we come in. Kahner Real Estate has sold more Phillips Club resales than all the other brokers in NYC… combined!¬†Call Allison at (212) 222-0055 whether you are looking to buy or looking to sell.
The list of benefits the Phillips Club provides is more than we can list here. Despite all the value the club can offer a frequent visitor to NYC, it’s not right for everyone. There are specific reservation strategies that can be used to fully maximize the value of club ownership. Allison would be happy to educate you on the club and when it works, as well as situations where it may not be the right fit for you.